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In this modern, interactive workbook, wardrobe malfunction and fashion first aid expert, Kim Castellano, takes a lighthearted look at what is literally, The Dirty Side of Fashion.

More than a book, this light and upbeat guide contains:

  • 4 different fashion-saving products,
  • 10 hanger cards,
  • 32 stickers for machines and clothes,
  • 4 tear-out or punch out charts,
  • QR codes for how-to videos.

This useful book is a reference for how to protect your fashion investments by taking better care of them, which will probably help save enough money to more than cover the cost of the book.

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Reviews of The Dirty Side of Fashion

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"Entertaining, but extremely useful. I've already saved a couple of garments from their demise since reading this book."

"I learned more about caring for my clothes by reading this book than I had in the last 46 years (thanks Mom)"

"I definitely didn't need to see a photo of Lady Crust, but am glad to know it happens to other women and not just me!"

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